Relief from the high cost of medications!

Many clients get their prescriptions for FREE!
Others receive their prescriptions at 75% – 90% off!

Medications include:
Expensive Name Brand Maintenance Medications
High Cost Specialty Medications
High Cost Generics


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Covers the whole family!

Next Generation Health has a group of Advocates dedicated to helping individuals enroll into Prescription Assistance Programs.

How It Works

Prescription Assistance Programs are put in place by drug manufacturers and allow patients who qualify to receive brand name medications at little or no cost.

The problem with these programs is that the enrollment process can be confusing. Often, one small mistake can lead to an application being denied. Next Generation Health knows how to navigate these programs. We help you get enrolled!

We do this by acting as a liaison between the patient and the drug manufacturers. With your membership in Next Generation Health our Patient Advocates handle the entire process.

This includes pre-qualification, application preparation, application submission, managed refills, as well as re-enrollments.

“I live in an assisted living facility and was paying $370 month through the pharmacy. I called to see if they could help me and they were able to get my medications for only $50 a month. This program is such a God-send!”

“I am thrilled that this company exists!!. I was taking medicine for my cystic acne. Painful bumps all over my face, back, and chest. I called around to pharmaceutical companies looking for help with the cost of medicine. I finally got referred to this program after 16 other companies rejected me. Thank God for Anji! I got my medicine that was $800 a month for $25. Way better!!! Thank you sooo much, I am spreading the word.”

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“I’m a single father and was recently diagnosed with leukemia. The medication that was prescribed costs more than $16,000 per month. Through the program, I was able to get access to the medication for free!”

Only $25 per month!

What We Do For You
We are a full-service concierge prescription medication advocacy program.

Our service seeks, one by one, to match a member’s needs to a program that provides help for the member.

When we find a program for the member, as much as the full cost of the drug is usually saved.

Once a member joins through a secure registration process, our advocates contact the member within 24-48 hours.

Our advocates work with the member and their doctor to get the necessary information to apply for discounted medications.

The application process usually takes 3-4 weeks. When successful, drugs are delivered from the U.S.-based manufacturer to the member or their fulfillment provider, their doctor or to a local pharmacy, depending upon the program requirements.

Our advocate monitors the delivery of the medications and continues to work with the member and doctor(s) to arrange for refills.

We are on your side.

We want to help you navigate the discounts available for your prescription medicines.

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